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Color Project
2016 - present

Photographing artists has always come as second nature to me. I photograph art work for a living and I live and work around a lot of artists. My portraits are a blend of their work and mine, as my way of perceiving their work is mine uniquely but they remain the creators of their art.

This color series further explores the theme of my black and white portrait work done years earlier (see artists in black and white). While my black and white portraits were made on film, mainly in the last century, this color work is captured digitally in the 21st century. However, the two bodies of work are related in many ways. In these color portraits, too, each artist appears with a representative work of their making.

The light that made my color portraits has first passed through my lens. Unchanged from my days using film, I strive to limit post-exposure manipulation to that which would be characteristic of traditional darkroom work: dodging, burning, and the occasional modest cropping. Through that respect for optical capture, I hope to retain the unique beauty of photography as distinct from illustration.

For black and white as well as color, I believe these portraits create a truthful documentation of artists practicing in this region at this time. However, I have taken certain liberties with their portrayal. The first liberty is that I incorporate the surreal whenever possible. I try to remain vigilant to that which appears odd superficially but upon consideration hints at the mystery of life. My other deviation from standard portraiture is that I employ novel forms of artificial lighting. My excuse for this is simply because I find it interesting.

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